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Total Insurance Services Inc knows that no two drivers are the same. Some have a squeaky-clean record, Others have made a few mistakes. No matter where you fall on the meter, we can get you amount of coverage you need. We'll make it easy and affordable, no matter what bumps you've hit on the road of life.

The "Total" difference

     -   Preferred auto

     -   High risk auto

     -   Payment plans available

     -   DUIs, accidents, or violations

     -   No prior insurance

     -   Cars and trucks

     -   Motorcycles      

     -   Boats and jet skis

     -   Immediate SR22 filing

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You hardly have time to catch your breath, let alone a sit down with an insurance agent. Total Insurance Services Inc happily provides free quotes by phone! We'd love to see you in person. Visit us at 2250 Fox Heights Lane.

Have total confidence knowing you're covered. You've got it with us!

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At Total Insurance Services Inc, we know that live events occur.  So we'll send out notices periodically to make sure your coverage is current. That's the 'Total' difference.